Project Spotlight – JCP Roofing

JCP Roofing Project Spotlight

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate JCP Roofing on their new Concealed Fix roof sheeting system, the Joint Clip Profile™.

It is not every day that a company specializing in roofing and cladding decides to showcase their product by using it to cover their entire building!  However, that is exactly what JCP Roofing did!

As an endorsement of this innovative roof sheeting product to the public and their customers, JCP Roofing chose to re-sheet 3000m2 of their facility with their Joint Clip Profile™ to prove the ready worthiness of their concealed fix roofing system.

Nothing could show more belief in their own product!

JCP Roofing - New Roofing System

To preserve the quality of this promising roofing system, Corroshield SA’s CSMT 10-24 x 22mm SQD METAPP Class 3 wafers, used to secure the clip and CSMT 14-20 x 22mm HWF METAPP Class 3 Stitching Screws, used to secure the flashings, were the fasteners of choice.

Thank you JCP Roofing for your support and confidence you have in our fasteners, wishing you all of the best with your new secret fix system.