A Solution Exists – Coastal Roofing And Cladding

Corroshield Protapp Fastener

A Solution Exists, Do Not Be Part of The Problem - Be Part of The Solution!

A real issue exists within the Metal Roofing and Cladding industry, specific to the coastal belts.

Zinc-Aluminium (AZ) roof sheeting and cladding work remarkably well within proximity to coastal marine environments, as close as 50m for AZ200 material. Based on the performance that it delivers, AZ material is cost-effective and practical.


The Dilemma

According to ISO 9223, 50m from a marine environment can be considered a Class 5 (C5-M) corrosion category environment. Even though AZ200 material can be used in a C5-M environment Class 4 fasteners are not meant to be used within this environment.

Why not use Class 5 fasteners with AZ200 material in a Class 5 environment?

Class 5 fasteners are stainless steel, stainless steel is non-compatible with AZ material.

rusting fasteners coming out 1
Rusted Roofing Fasteners
Corrosion caused by using the wrong fasteners

The Problem

Class 4 fasteners are being supplied with AZ200 material in a Class 5 environment. Within 2 – 5 years the Class 4 fastener starts corroding prematurely. Replacement Class 4 fasteners are supplied to replace the corroded fasteners and in 2-5 years you will need to replace them again, which is not ideal.


The Solution

Corroshield SA noticed this trend and sort to find a solution. In 2016 we engaged our manufacturer, AZ material manufacturer, and customers. We needed a Class 4 fastener shank that is compatible with AZ material and a fastener head that can withstand severe corrosive conditions.

In 2018 the PROTAPP Fastener was born, a Class 4 shank with a non-metallic head made up of Nylon and other polymers with UV stabilisers to withstand the South African UV rays.

Protapp Faster - Roofing contractor's Perspective
Protapp Faster - Roofing contractor's Perspective
Protapp Faster - Roofing contractor's Perspective

As with any new product, we did not expect smooth sailing and experienced some challenges that we since overcame. Corroshield South Africa has sold well over 100 000 units and has garnered a customer base of repeat users.

To be part of the solution you need to embrace change.

If you require Technical Data Sheets or Test Results or to trial our PROTAPP fasteners, please get in touch with us through our CONTACT FORM, through email, or, give us a call, we will be happy to give you technical information and advice.