Massive Steel Structure project in the spotlight

A massive Steel Structure Construction Project in the Spotlight

This week, we look back at this awe-inspiring steel structure project in Longlakes, Modderfontein, that was completed in 2020. 

It is clear to see why structural steel projects are still so popular.  Everything about this building is breath-taking.  From the size of the building, the design & the quality of the materials that were used.

When Archstone Construction chose the materials for the construction of this massive project, it made sense that quality and durability were of the utmost importance.  Therefore they decided to use only tried and tested materials from respectable suppliers.

The sheeting and cladding were supplied by one of the leading steel suppliers in South Africa, Macsteel. They supplied Novotexi 440 & Widespan 762 sheeting.

The sheeting was installed by a long-time Corroshield SA client, using SAFAL Steel Colorplus material.

As the quality of the fasteners impacts the lifespan of any project, the natural choice was Corroshield SA. We supplied the following Class 3 fasteners:

10 x 22mm METAPP SQD Wafers
14x20 x 22mm METAPP HWF Stitching Screws
12 x 25mm METAPP HWF Cladding Screws

Longlakes Modderfontein Steel Structure Construction Project

We would like to congratulate Fortress Property Fund on this beautiful building. We would also like to congratulate Archstone Construction on a job well done and thank them for choosing Corroshield SA to be a part of this impressive steel structure project.