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Fastener Innovations - Levin drill point fastener

LEVIN® Drill Point revolutionalises the way self-drilling fasteners perform. The unique design slices off steel rather than scrape it.

This effect is especially prominent when one witness the curled up steel burrs that are produced during penetration into steel. The effect is similar to that of a high-speed steel drill bits.

Fastener Innovations Levin Drill Point Fasteners

With such a design, users require a lesser manual load to apply fasteners into steel applications. LEVIN® Drill Point is also equipped with a ‘Z’ point design. This creates an indentation in the steel substrate on the initial rotations keeping the fasteners stable and accurate during the installation process. LEVIN® Drill Point when coupled with the correct equipment reduces wastage, shorten man-hours, improves overall installation quality and workmanship.

Corroshield Scratchshield

This patented unique feature reduces damages to fastener shank and increases the lifespan of the fastener and prolongs the sustainability of the fixtures.

ScratchShield® is a ribbed feature at the end of the lower thread of a crest fixing fastener. It is capable of removing burrs and smoothening out the sharp edges of the roof sheet created by the fastener’s drill point penetration. At the same time, the hole diameter is marginally enlarged to allow scratch-free entry of the fastener without compromise on the sheet holding strength of the upper thread. ScratchShield® prevents damage to the coating on the screw’s shank prolonging the lifespan of the fastener and the building system by up to 40%. In a crest fixing application, the hollow space between the roof sheet and the immediate substrate layer is an area of high humidity. Moisture from the rising air coupled with heat from the sheets puts the fasteners’ service life to test. ScratchShield® is a standard feature in most of our crest fixing fasteners.

Corroshield Polytapp

POLYTAPP® is designed with a wing feature to grind an enlarged hole in the skylight material to allow for skylight sheet movement under weathering effects.

This allowance will prevent the skylight sheet from damage as a result of stress and fatigue due to thermal expansion and contraction. POLYTAPP® wing feature is also designed to break off automatically when it comes into contact with the steel substrate. The large diameter dome washer will also provide that perfect waterproofing.

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